JANUARY 4-11, 2024 


Tangent: a straight line or plane that touches a curve or curved surface at a point, but if extended does not cross it at that point — or — a completely different line of thought or action.

Events & Workshops

Listed times are local to Rome (CET)

Exhibition on view: January 4-11, 2024

MAGMA, Via Galeazzo Alessi, 212, 00176 Rome
Visiting hours: by appointment and during in-person events

In-Person Event

JAN. 4, Thursday, 7:30PM
Tangent Opening Reception
€5 entrance

In-Person Workshop

JAN. 5, Friday, 11AM-1PM,3-5PM
Collaborative Indeterminacy: co-writing a live improvisation for chaotic instruments (Day 1)
Led by Massimiliano Cerioni at Magma

How do we make sense out of chaos? Can controlled randomness be expressive? How do we keep consistent when writing and performing something improvised with another artist?

By implementing and combining chaotic systems in Max 8, the students will work together to write collaborative scores, facing the challenge of the indeterminacy coming from these tools and the inherent lack of total control that collaborative projects imply.

- To apply, send resume to massimiliano.cerioni@gmail.com
(limited to 8 participants)
- Required skills: basic Max patching, basic DSP, editing in Ableton Live, confidence with XX-XXI music languages
- Required tools: Max 8 (licensed/demo), Ableton Live 11 (licensed/demo), Google Drive account, Laptop (Mac/PC), stereo output soundcard
- Useful Tools: MIDI/USB Controllers, Instruments you can connect to your equipment without requiring any extra tech
- €90 participation fee for 5 sessions of 2 hours each plus final presentation

In-Person Workshop

JAN. 8, Monday, 11AM-1PM,3-5PM
Collaborative Indeterminacy (Day 2)
Led by Massimiliano Cerioni at Magma

Online Event

JAN. 8, Monday, 3-4:30PM
Collective Conversations: 10-minute Virtual Artist Presentations
With James Barkley, Sarah Cadigan-Fried, Padmini Chandrasekaran, Joshua Duttweiler, Christopher Field, Lavaughan Jenkins, and Vaishnavi Kumar
Zoom Link

Online Workshop

JAN. 9, Tuesday, 5-7PM
Tangible: Virtual Connections to Physical Space
Led by James Barkley, Sarah Cadigan-Fried, Padmini Chandrasekaran, Joshua Duttweiler, Christopher Field, and Lavaughan Jenkins

In reaction to conceptual geometric prompts, participants are invited to create posters that reimagine the relationships and connections between visual elements of the exhibition and other found materials. The workshop will take place via Zoom and Miro; creative and curious people based anywhere in the world are invited to attend. The resulting posters will be printed and displayed at Magma in Rome.

Register Here
- Free; optional €5/$5 donation towards Magma + on-site printing/installation.
- All skill levels welcome
Zoom Link Coming Soon
Miro Link Coming Soon

In-Person Workshop

JAN. 10, Wednesday, 11AM–5PM*
Archiving Place: Collection, Character, and Collaboration
Led by Kristen Mallia and Molly Haig at Magma
*With a 1-hour break from 2-3pm

This workshop draws inspiration from the language and textures of our surroundings: graffiti, signage, painted surfaces, handwritten notes, and overlooked curiosities of the city. Participants will collect and photograph materials of interest, then explore the possibilities of digital manipulation, physical deconstruction, and multimedia embellishments. Collective designs from our session will be printed and distributed to participants and visitors at the closing reception.

Register Here
- All skill levels welcome.
- Please bring a phone or camera for photos.
- Optional: laptop/design tool of choice.
- €30 participation & printing fee

In-Person Event

Closing Reception with Live Performances
JAN. 11, Thursday
€5 entrance

7-8PM, Sound Workshop Showcase
8:30PM, Sound Performances
By Massimiliano Cerioni and Michele Papa

Donations and fees will help support Magma’s cultural mission.


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Copyright 2024 Radius Collective